A2billing Terminating Current Call and Dialing a New Destination


This tutorial will help you set up a hangup key in Asterisk to terminate an ongoing call in A2billing and dial a new destination number.

Step One — 'H' option in the Asterisk dial command parameter

You will need to access your A2billing system settings and go to the configuration page of your currently used AGI.

Look for the "Dial Command Params" option title with the key "dialcommand_param" and make sure you have an 'H' there. This 'H' dial command option will allow the caller to hang up the call using a predefined hangup key in Asterisk yet still keep the session alive.

An example value for the dial command parameter is below:


Step Two — Defining the hangup key in Asterisk

In the older versions of Asterisk and FreePBX, the default hangup key is '*'. However, if the '*' key is not hanging up the calls or allowing the caller to hang up during an ongoing call, the hangup key might be different. In the recent versions of Asterisk and FreePBX, the default in-call hang up key is '**' - two asterisks.

The configuration for the hangup or disconnect key can be found under the Asterisk in-call features configuration in /etc/asterisk/features.conf under the [featuremap] context.

If you are using FreePBX, you can check the contents of /etc/asterisk/features_featuremap_additional.conf to check the currently used hangup key for your version of Asterisk.

If you would like to define or customize your own hangup or disconnect key, you may do that by modifying /etc/asterisk/features_featuremap_custom.conf and adding the line below:


You may change the '**' - two asterisk to any value you want


Your A2billing terminate current call key should be working now, and when you dial it during a call, you should be able to hang up the currently active call yet keep the A2billing session alive and dial a new destination.

Please note that you should make sure that the "Try Count" or "number_try" field of your A2billing AGI configuration is a value more than 1 for this to work, otherwise the call will just hang up and the session will be dropped.

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